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2018 D-King Grand Prix Logo.

The D-King Grand Prix (D-王グランプリ D-Oh Guranpuri?) is a professional wrestling round-robin tournament held by DDT Pro-Wrestling (DDT), the tournament created by DDT producer Danshoku Dino in August 2017 and later confirmed on November 2017. The winner of the tournament will receive a title shot for the KO-D Openweight Championship at DDT's anniversary event Judgment in March. This will be the first round-robin tournament since the Young Drama Cup in 2010.

The tournament featured two blocks, each with seven participants, with the two block winners facing off in the final to determine the overall champion. The winner of each block is determined by a points system; two points for a victory, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss. The tournament will end at the 2018 Judgment pay-per-view.

List of winnersEdit

Year Winner Total won
2018 TBD 1


The tournament was announced on August 20, 2017 and the participants were later announced on November 23. The tournament will be held from January 5 until January 28, 2018. The tournament will include one outside entrance from Wrestle-1 Jiro Kuroshio. The winner of the tournament will receive his KO-D Openweight Championship shot at DDT's anniversary event Judgment 2018 on March 25.

Final standings
Block A Block B
Konosuke Takeshita 0 Daisuke Sasaki 0
HARASHIMA 0 Yukio Sakaguchi 0
Tetsuya Endo 0 Soma Takao 0
Keisuke Ishii 0 Akito 0
Masahiro Takanashi 0 Kazusada Higuchi 0
Joey Ryan 0 Mike Bailey 0
Jiro Kuroshio 0 Shuji Ishikawa 0
Block A Endo HARASHIMA Ishii Kuroshio Takanashi Takeshita Ryan
Endo X
Ishii X
Kuroshio X
Takanashi X
Takeshita X
Ryan X
Block B Akito Bailey Higuchi Ishikawa Takao Sakaguchi Sasaki
Akito X
Bailey X
Higuchi X
Ishikawa X
Takao X
Sakaguchi X
Sasaki X

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