Toa Henare
Toa Henare in February 2017
Born 1993[1]
Auckland, New Zealand[2]
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) A-Class
Aaron Henry
Toa Henare[3]
Height 180 cm (5 ft 11 in)[1][4]
Weight 104 kg (229 lb)[1][4]
Trained By NJPW Dojo
Debut 2010[5]

  Aaron Henry (born 1993) is a New Zealand professional wrestler currently signed to New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) as a young lion under the ring name Toa Henare (トーア・ヘナーレ, Tōa Henāre).

Early life Edit

Henry was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and competed in both amateur wrestling and mixed martial arts prior to becoming a professional wrestler.[4]

Professional wrestling careerEdit

Early Career (2010-2016)Edit

In 2013 Henry would make his professional wrestling debut for the Impact Pro Wrestling, competing in a battle royal for the #1 Contendership for the IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship but Henry would eventually lose. Later Henry would take part in a tag team Gauntlet match for the IPW New Zealand Tag Team Championship with Pat Schisk, both would eventually lose the match.

After that night Henry would take a break from professional wrestling for two years, defeating Fury and Jakob Cross. Later Henry would unsuccessfully challenge Cross IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship.

Later in 2016 Henry would be signed by the japanese professional wrestling promotion New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW).

New Japan Pro Wrestling (2016-Present)Edit

After Henry being signed by NJPW in early 2016 he would compete under the ring name Henare and debuted in September of that year, losing to Pro Wrestling Noah's Quiet Storm.[6] Henare competed as one of NJPW's "Young Lions" a class of rookie wrestlers who work mostly against each other early on, wearing all black gear and with no particular ring character, all part of the structured learning process in NJPW. Henare's first win in NJPW came on September 6, when he defeated fellow young lion Hirai Kawato.[7] He appeared on his first major NJPW show, Destruction in Tokyo on September 17, teaming with David Finlay, in a losing effort against Roppongi Vice.[8] On November, 12 Henare returned to his home city of Auckland, New Zealand, defeating Hikureo at Bad Luck Fale's produce show.[9] Henare entered the 2016 World Tag League alongside veteran Manabu Nakanishi. The two finished last in their block with zero wins and zero points. On February 21 2017, Henare suffered an Achilles tendon injury in a match against Tomoyuki Oka and the match had to be stopped. He was taken out on a stretcher. Henare returned in November for the 2017 World Tag League, where he teamed with Togi Makabe.[10] The two finished the tournament with a record of one win and six losses.[11] On the Wrestle Kingdom 12 pre-show on 4 January 2018, Henare debuted under the new ring name Toa Henare.[3]

In wrestlingEdit

  • Fnishing moves
    • Spinning Spinebuster
    • Boston Crab
    • Lariat
    • Dropkick


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