The Japan Indie Awards (日本インディー大賞, Nihon indī-shō) are Japanese professional wrestling, or puroresu, awards that have been handed out annually since 2007. Instead of the Tokyo Sports Awards that are awarded to all promotions in Japan, the Japan Indie Awards are exclusive to the independent promotions in Japan including Big Japan Pro Wrestling, DDT Pro-Wrestling and Michinoku Pro Wrestling. The awards are usually broadcasted and awarded by Fighting TV Samurai.

The awards are voted for by a committee made up of people involved with Japanese professional wrestling. After the winners are announced in the New Year Shuffle Tag Tournament, an award ceremony is held before the start of the tournament. The awards sections are divided in MVP Award, Best Bout Award, Best Show Award (renamed in 2014 to Best Box Award but returned to Best Show Award the following year), Best Unit Award and Newcomer Award.

Voting takes place in rounds. In landslide cases, the winner can be determined in a single round of voting, however, if no wrestler gets enough votes, the award can be left blank and not given out that year. Most notably, the Special Award of the year was not given out on 2008 and again between 2010 and 2016.

Active awardsEdit

MVP AwardEdit

Year Winner Promotion
2007 Kota Ibushi DDT Pro-Wrestling
2008 The Great Sasuke Michinoku Pro Wrestling
2009 Kota Ibushi DDT-Pro Wrestling
2010 Daisuke Sekimoto Big Japan Pro Wrestling
2011 Munenori Sawa Battlarts
2012 Abdullah Kobayashi Big Japan Pro Wrestling
2013 Isami Kodaka Union Pro Wrestling
2014 HARASHIMA DDT Pro-Wrestling
2015 Yuji Okabayashi Big Japan Pro Wrestling
2016 Shuji Ishikawa DDT Pro-Wrestling
Big Japan Pro Wrestling
2017 Hideki Suzuki Pro Wrestling Zero1
Big Japan Pro Wrestling

Best Bout Award (ベストバウト, Besutobauto)Edit

Year Winner Promotion
2007 Takashi Sasaki vs. Yuko Miyamoto (March 14) Big Japan Pro Wrestling
2008 Kota Ibushi vs. Kenny Omega (August 6) DDT Pro-Wrestling
2009 Ryuji Ito vs. Jun Kasai (November 20) Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
2010 Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Masa Takanashi (April 4) DDT Pro-Wrestling
2011 Dick Togo vs. Kota Ibushi (March 27)
2012 Kota Ibushi vs. Kenny Omega (August 18)
2013 Shuji Ishikawa vs. Isami Kodaka (November 4) Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
2014 Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega vs. Konosuke Takeshita and Tetsuya Endo (September 28) DDT Pro-Wrestling
2015 Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Yuji Okabayashi (July 20) Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
2016 Ryuji Ito vs. Kankuro Hoshino (July 24)
2017 Masashi Takeda vs. Masaya Takahashi (December 17)

Best Show Award (ベスト興行賞, Besuto kōgyō-shō)Edit

The award was renamed in 2014 to renamed in 2014 to Best Box Award (ベストボックス賞, Besuto bokkusu-shō), but returned to Best Show Award the following year.

Year Winner Promotion
2007 Muscle May 4 Korakuen Hall Show MUSCLE
2008 September 7 Yamanashi Nature Home Land Show DDT Pro-Wrestling
2009 Ryogokou Peter Pan 
2010 Muscle House 10
2011 Into The Fight 2011
2012 Nippon Budokan Peter Pan 2012
2013 Ryogoku Peter Pan 2013
2014 Ryogoku Peter Pan 2014
2015 ~RYOGOKUTAN~ 2015 Big Japan Pro Wrestling
2016 Bad Communication Ganbare☆Puroresu
2017 Death Vegas 2017 Big Japan Pro-Wrestling

Best Unit Award (ベストユニット賞, Besuto yunitto-shō)Edit

Year Winner Promotion
2007 New Men's Club Big Japan Pro Wrestling
2008 The Brahman Brothers El Dorado Wrestling
Michinoku Pro Wrestling
2010 Oga Army Corps Pro Wrestling Freedoms
2011 The Brahman Brothers Big Japan Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Freedoms
Michinoku Pro Wrestling
2013 Yankii Nicho Kenju Big Japan Pro Wrestling
DDT Pro-Wrestling
2014 Mu no Taiyo Michinoku Pro Wrestling
2015 #OhkaEmpire DDT Pro-Wrestling

Newcomer Award (新人賞, Shinjin-shō)Edit

Year Winner Promotion
2008 Masashi Takeda Style-E
2010 Tsuyoshi Kikuchi Big Japan Pro Wrestling
2011 Mio Shirai Pro Wrestling Wave
Osaka Pro Wrestling
2012 Takumi Tsukamoto Big Japan Pro Wrestling
2013 Masaya Takahashi Wrestling New Classic
2014 Takayuki Ueki Big Japan Pro Wrestling
2015 Kazusada Higuchi DDT Pro-Wrestling
2016 Takuya Nomura Big Japan Pro Wrestling
2017 Andre The Giant Panda

Special Award (特別賞, Tokubetsu-shō)Edit

Year Winner Promotion
2007 Cho-un Shiryu DDT Pro-Wrestling
2009 Gentaro Pro Wrestling Freedoms
2010 Hikaru Sato DDT Pro-Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Zero1
2017 Mr. Pogo Decease

Inactive awardsEdit

Comeback Award (カムバック賞, Kamubakku-shō)Edit

Year Winner Promotion
2007 Mr. Pogo Freelancer