Japanese Junior Heavyweight Championship
Date Won August 19, 1960
Promotion(s) Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance
Date Established October 24, 1956
Date Retired 1973

The Japanese Junior Heavyweight Championship was a championship defended in the Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance.

Title historyEdit

# Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
1 Mitsuo Surugaumi 1 October 24, 1956 Tokyo, Japan Defeats Michiaki Yoshimura in 8-man tournament final to become the first champion.
2 Michiaki Yoshimura 1 April 8, 1957 Osaka, Japan
Vacated August 19, 1960 Japan Title help up in title defense against Yoshinosato.
3 Yoshinosato 1 August 19, 1960 Japan Awarded by JWA President Rikidozan
Title Retired 1973 Japan Championship was retired when JWA closed.

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