Naoki Tanizaki faced difficult opponents like Masaaki Mochizuki to get into Do FIXER.

The Naoki Tanizaki Road to Do FIXER is a ten-match trial series with five bonus matches Naoki Tanizaki undertook in Dragon Gate from July 2004 through August 2004.


Being the only member from the Toryumon X group to be brought into Toryumon Japan, and subsequently Dragon Gate, Naoki Tanizaki aligned himself with Genki Horiguchi, who shared a passion for surfing. Horiguchi was a member of the Do FIXER unit, thus making Tanizaki initially a member by association. However, DF leader Magnum Tokyo was not generally impressed with Tanizaki, telling him flat out that he was not a member. Tanzaki pressed to be allowed in, until Magnum finally agreed so long as Tanizaki was victorious in one single match in a ten match series.

After facing Magnum himself in the first match, Tanizaki took on a murderer's row of opponents. His one chance at victory came in the series finale against perennial loser Shogo Takagi. Yet Magnum interfered to ensure Tanizaki lost. Tanizaki appealed for an extension and Magnum agreed, though he set additional conditions to these matches. All but the first would take place at the Odaiba Adventure King Mainichi Pro Wrestling matches. Furthermore, Magnum looked for any opportunity to embarrass Tanizaki, which included forcing him to change his ring gear to swimmer style Speedo trunks and dance with the cast of the swimming themed Fuji TV show Water Boys.

When Tanizaki failed to win a single match in the five extension matches, he was refused membership into Do FIXER outright. Shortly after, Tanizaki changed his hairstyle and joined the Iron Perm team with Don Fujii and Second Doi for the Rey de Parejas tournament. However, the team exploded in the end and Tanizaki was left laying in the ring. Suddenly, Magnum came out and surprised the world by giving the unconscious Tanizaki his Do FIXER shirt, thus accepting him into the unit.


# Opponent Date Location Result Note
1 Magnum Tokyo July 16, 2004 Fukuoka TOKYO in 5:55
Egoist Driver
2 Toru Owashi July 17, 2004 Nobeoka, Miyazaki Owashi in 9:26
Diving Body Press
3 SUWA July 18, 2004 Nagasaki SUWA in 6:16
4 Masaaki Mochizuki July 19, 2004 Sasebo, Nagasaki Mochizuki in 6:14
5 Don Fujii July 21, 2004 Oita Fujii in 7:57
Nodowa Elbow
6 CIMA July 22, 2004 Kumamoto CIMA in 14:26
Nadareshiki Neji to Hashi
7 Dragon Kid July 23, 2004 Kurume, Fukuoka Dragon Kid in 7:54
8 Shuji Kondo July 24, 2004 Saga Kondo in 7:57
King Kong Lariat
9 Milano Collection AT July 25, 2004 Kagoshima Milano in 11:41
AT Lock
10 Shogo Takagi August 1, 2004 Tokyo Takagi in 8:45
School Boy from Magnum TOKYO Blue Box
Retrail #1 CIMA August 7, 2004 Kariya, Aichi CIMA in 7:51
Nadareshiki Neji to Hashi
Retrail #2 Susumu Yokosuka August 10, 2004 Odaiba Yokosuka in 6:34
Yokosuka Cutter
Retrail #3 YOSSINO August 17, 2004 Odaiba YOSSINO in 4:25
Sol Naciente
Retrail #4 Stalker Ichikawa August 24, 2004 Odaiba Ichikawa in 3:33
Kancho ~ Towel Throw TKO
Retrail #5 Daniel Mishima,
Michael Iwasa
August 31, 2004 Odaiba Mishima in 6:49
Backdrop Hold

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