PWF World Tag Team Championship
Promotion(s) All Japan Pro Wrestling
Date Established April 25, 1984
Date Retired June 10, 1988

The Pacific Wrestling Federation (PWF) World Tag Team Championship was a tag team championship in All Japan Pro Wrestling, created in 1984. It was unified with the NWA International Tag Team Championship in 1988, to create the World Tag Team Championship, or Double Cup.

Title historyEdit

# Tag Team
(Individual Reigns)
Team Reigns Date Length Location Notes
1 Chōjū Konbi
(Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen)
1 April 25, 1984 ? Days Yokohama Defeated Giant Baba and Dory Funk, Jr. in a tournament final.
2 Ted DiBiase and Stan Hansen (2) 1 August 1985 ? Days N/A DiBiase was selected as Hansen's replacement partner after Brody left for New Japan Pro Wrestling on March 21, 1985.
3 Tiger Mask II and Jumbo Tsuruta 1 July 3, 1987 8 Days Tokyo  
4 Ted DiBiase (2) and Stan Hansen (3) 2 July 11, 1987 ? Days Yonago  
- Vacated - July 1987 N/A N/A Vacated when DiBiase leaves for the World Wrestling Federation.
5 Stan Hansen (4) and Austin Idol 1 August 1987 ? Days N/A Hansen and Idol were awarded the titles.
6 Ryūgenhō
(Ashura Hara and Genichiro Tenryu)
1 September 3, 1987 518 Nagoya  
7 Gorin Konbi
(Jumbo Tsuruta (2) and Yoshiaki Yatsu)
1 June 4, 1988 158 Sapporo Tsuruta and Yatsu won the NWA International Tag Team Championship on June 10, defeating The Road Warriors.
- Unified - June 10, 1988 N/A N/A The NWA International Tag Team Championship and PWF World Tag Team Championship were unified and made into the World Tag Team Championship.


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