PWF United States Heavyweight Championship
Promotion(s) All Japan Pro Wrestling
Date Established December 1970
Date Retired 1979

The Pacific Wrestling Federation (PWF) United States Heavyweight Championship is a former secundary championship defended in All Japan Pro Wrestling.


The title was established in 1970 when The Destroyer, who held the Hawaii version of the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship, had the belt which would become the PWF United States Championship made to replace the original North American title belt, which had fallen into disrepair. The Destroyer then embarked on a world tour, on which he was billed as United States Champion. The title ended up becoming an official PWF title later on, and was retired in 1979 when Destroyer decided to return to the United States.

Title HistoryEdit

# Wrestler Reign Date Location Length Notes
1 The Destroyer 1 December 1970 N/A ? Days
2 Peter Maivia 1 December 1970 Samoa ? Days
3 The Destroyer 2 December 1970 N/A ? Days Destroyer began defending the title in Japan in 1972 and the championship became an official PWF title in 1974.
4 Abdullah the Butcher 1 October 12, 1975 Osaka 52 Days
5 The Destroyer 3 December 3, 1975 Kiryu 312 Days
Vacated October 10, 1976 Title was held up after a match between The Destroyer and Abdullah the Butcher.
6 The Destroyer 4 October 28, 1976 Tokyo 659 Days Defeated Abdullah in a rematch to win the held up title.
7 Mil Máscaras 1 August 18, 1978 Kagoshima 24 Days
6 The Destroyer 5 September 11, 1978 Morioka ? Days
Abandoned 1979 The Destroyer returned to the United States in 1979 and the title was retired.


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