Wikia has introduced Lua as an alternate and advanced template language. This implementation will allow our existing templates to be more powerful, work smarter, and run faster. They will require modification under the hood, though most readers should either not notice a difference or will only see improvement. Few if any changes will be needed in the article text, and those will be changed during the transition using FlufferBot.

However, Wikia's implementation does not currently allow for documentation in the Module: namespace. This is a staging area for documenting the Modules that supercharge items under the hood, both imported and made specifically for AHSW.

Module list Edit

Some good modules to borrow from are Wikipedia's Message box, Sidebar, and Side box; also Wikia's Infobox Builder and a Navbox Builder inspired by it.

AHSW-specific Modules Edit

Imported Modules Edit

Frequently Edit

These work well and are employed frequently.

Less Commonly Edit

These are either untested, work only under some conditions, or are rarely employed.

Works in Progress Edit

These either do not work, are missing Wikia functionality upon import, or are under construction.


Modules in Progress
Module Source Purpose Issue
Module:DramatisPersonæ AHSW Site Specific, Original Front end to some DPL functions Relies on capabilities not yet available in Wikia's Scribunto
Module:FamilyChart (data) Port of wikipedia:Template:Chart Genograms Unfinished
Module:Fix (configuration) wikipedia:Module:Fix
Module:Navbox/WP wikipedia:Module:Navbox
Module:No globals wikipedia:Module:No globals
Module:Sidebar/WP wikipedia:Module:Sidebar
Module:Story AHS Site Specific, Original
Module:Template link

Documentation Edit

Uses the <source lang="lua"> tag.

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