Stalker Ichikawa faced some known wrestlers like Ultimo Dragoncito just for the hell of it.

The Stalker Ichikawa Bosou 10 Match Series is a ten-match trial series Stalker Ichikawa undertook in Toryumon Japan from August 2000 through September 2002.


The point of the series was to essentially pit Ichikawa, widely regarded as the weakest wrestler in the world, against some of the most famous opponents from the business. Nothing was at stake, except for the fans to watch in delight as Ichikawa was literally used as a rag-doll by some of their favorite wrestlers. From time to time in the series, Ichikawa would perform in cosplay fashion, attempting to take on the persona of various famous wrestlers. Nevertheless, the end result was generally the same.


# Opponent Date Location Result Note
1 Masashi Aoyagi August 15, 2000 Kobe, Hyogo Aoyagi in 2:00
Towel Throw -> TKO
2 Arashi August 24, 2000 Tokyo Arashi in 9:10
Elbow Drop
3 TARU October 1, 2000 Tokyo TARU in 7:54
La Magistral
Ichikawa cosplaying as Jushin Stalker Ichikawa, TARU cosplaying as TARUtimo Dragon.
4 Alexander Otsuka October 12, 2000 Kobe, Hyogo Otsuka in 7:40
41 Revolution Giant Swing
5 Tachikari March 17, 2001 Tokyo Tachikari in 3:44
Give Up
Ichikawa cosplaying as Bruiser Ichikawa. Ichikawa gave up to avoid being hit with Nodowa Otoshi.
6 The Great Kabuki March 12, 2001 Tokyo Kabuki in 4:11
Poison Mist -> Ref Stop
7 Mitsuhiro Matsunaga February 24, 2002 Tokyo Matsunaga in 5:03
Give Up
Ichikawa cosplaying as Tiger Jeet Ichikawa. Ichikawa gave up to avoid being hit with sword.
8 Kintaro Kanemura May 19, 2002 Tokyo Kanemura in 7:44
Thunder Fire Power Bomb
9 Takashi Okamura June 7, 2002 Tokyo Okamura in 0:05
Flying Knee Strike
Restart: Okamura in 3:04
Failed Chair Attack -> One Foot Pin Fall
10 Ultimo Dragoncito September 8, 2002 Tokyo Dragoncito in 3:33
Reversed Figure Four
Ichikawa cosplaying as Ric Ichikawa Flair.