Toryumon Mexico
Toryumon Mexico Logo
Founder(s) Ultimo Dragon
Owner(s) Ultimo Dragon
Headquarters Naucalpan, Mexico
Parent Ultimo Dragon Productions
Sister Toryumon Japan

Toryumon Mexico is the name of the promotion used whenever a Toryumon show takes place in Mexico. It originally started as a means of promoting graduates of the Ultimo Dragon Gym before they landed in Japan. The promotion now runs infrequently, using a mixture of Ultimo Dragon Gym students and outside talent.


During his time working for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in the United States Japanese wrestler Ultimo Dragon decided to open up a wrestling school in Naucalpan, Mexico to give Japanese hopefuls the chance to learn the Mexican lucha libre style like Dragón had. The wrestling school operated after the same principles of a university, divided into classes with several terms where wrestlers would "graduate" (debut) at the same time. Toryumon promoted their first show on May 11, 1997, in Naucalpan, Mexico on a show that was co-promoted with International Wrestling Revolution Group (IWRG). Toryumon and IWRG would co-promote shows in Japan from 1997 until 2001, allowing the Ultimo Dragon Gym graduates to work on IWRG shows and even saw several graduates wrestlers win IWRG Championship. Through his contacts with WCW Último Dragón also arranged for some of his first term graduates to wrestle on World Championship Wrestling shows. Toryumon's combination of traditional Japanese Puroresu, Mexican Lucha Libre and elements of Sports Entertainment that Último Dragón had observed while working for WCW such as outside interference and referee's being knocked out, something that at the time was not traditionally used in Japanese wrestling. Último Dragón had been forced to retire from active competition in 1998 after a mistake during an elbow surgery that caused nerve damage. In 2001 Dragón had another round of surgery on his elbow, restoring mobility and feeling. Following his rehabilitation Último Dragón made his return to active wrestling on a Toryumon / T2P co-promoted pay-per-view on September 8, 2002. In the following months Dragón wrestled regularly for Toryumon and various companies around the world. Because of his active scheduled Último Dragón stepped down as the director of Toryumon leaving the job to Takashi Okamura. Okamura handled the job while Dragón began working full-time for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in the United States. After his run with WWE ended Dragón returned to Japan and announced that he was leaving Toryumon and taking all the trademarks he owned with him. Since the break Toryumon has primarily promoted shows in Mexico, featuring students trained by Dragón and Jorge "Skayde" Rivera and a number of wrestlers from various Mexican and American promotions.


Current championsEdit

Championship Current champion(s) Date won Days held
NWA International Junior Heavyweight Championship Ultimo Dragon July 19, 2010 2562

Former championshipsEdit

Championship: Last champion(s): Date won:
UWA World Trios Championship Mango Fukuda, Pineapple Hanai and Takeshi Minamino May 14, 2005
NWA World Welterweight Championship La Sombra November 27, 2007

Toryumon Mexico GraduatesEdit

Term Name Currently working
14st Term Toshiya Matsuzaki  Toryumon Mexico
14st Term Daisuke Hanaoka  Toryumon Mexico
14st Term Satoshi Kajiwara Retired


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