UWA World Welterweight Championship
UWA World Welterweight
Promotion(s) New Japan Pro Wrestling
Toryumon Japan
Toryumon Mexico
Toryumon X
Michinoku Pro Wrestling
Date Established May 17, 1993
Date Retired October 14, 2004

The UWA World Welterweight Championship was a championship that is primarily contested for in various Lucha Libre promotions in Mexico. In 1993, the championship was recognized by the Japanese professional wrestling promotion Michinoku Pro, following Super Delfin's victory over then champion Celestial. In 1995, Gran Hamada was stripped of the championship, because he exceeded the weight limit. The championship returned to being primarily contested for in Mexico, and it wasn't until Taiji Ishimori's victory over Super Crazy in 2003 that a Japanese wrestler would hold the championship again.

Title HistoryEdit

# Team Reign Date Length Location Notes
1 Super Delfin 1 May 17, 1993 68 Days Tokyo, Japan
2 The Great Sasuke 1 July 24, 1993 31 Days Moioka, Japan
3 Super Delfin 2 August 24, 1993 4 Days Tokyo, Japan
4 Karloff Lagarde, Jr. 1 January 30, 1994 115 Days Naucalpan, México
5 El Hijo del Santo 1 May 25, 1994 177 Days Tlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico
6 Norio Honaga 1 November 18, 1994 25 Days Hiroshima, Japan
7 Shinjiro Otani 1 December 13, 1994 124 Days Osaka, Japan
8 Koji Kanemoto 1 April 16, 1995 159 Days Hiroshima, Japan
9 Gran Hamada 1 September 22, 1995 52 Days Nagoya, Japan
Vacated November 13, 1995 N/A Gran Hamada is stripped of the championship, after exceeding the weight limit. The UWA Closed shortly afterwards
10 Taiji Ishimori 1 May 11, 2003 476 Days Mexico City, Mexico Defeated Super Crazy after the title was revived by Toryumon X.
Vacated August 29, 2004 N/A The Championship was held up, after an inconclusive match against Takeshi Minamino.
11 Takeshi Minamino 1 September 9, 2004 35 Days Tokyo, Japan Defeated Pinapple Hanai and Mango Fukuda to win the vacant championship.
Abandoned October 14, 2004 N/A The Championship was vacated and later abandoned.


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