World Extreme Cup was an annual singles league tournament held in Big Japan Pro Wrestling to determine the strongest wrestler in the promotion for the year. The tournament would be held over the course of several shows in April, May and August.

Tournament WinnersEdit

2000 World Extreme CupEdit

The first World Extreme Cup took place over the course of twelve days from April 25-May 14, 2000. In this year's league, there were thirteen participants separated into three blocks. The points leaders from each block received entry into the tournament. Before the tournament it was done a tournament to decide the third participant on block C. The winner of the tournament to decide the third participant was Tomoaki Honma.

Block A Doom Yamakawa Saed Lewis Pts.
Tower of Doom O O O 6
Ryuji Yamakawa X O O 4
Mustafa Saed X X O 2
Harley Lewis X X X 0
Block B Zandig Sheik Winger Bull Pts.
John Zandig O O O 6
Crazy Sheik X O O 4
The Winger X X O 2
Terry Bull X X X 0
Block C Samples WX Honma Wifebeater Pts.
Mike Samples O O O 6
Shadow WX X O O 4
Tomoaki Honma X X O 2
Wifebeater X X X 0
  Quarter-finals Semifinals Final
   Shadow WX  
 Tower of Doom  
   Shadow WX  
   Crazy Sheik  
 Crazy Sheik
   Mustafa Saed  
     Shadow WX
   John Zandig
   Tomoaki Honma  
 Mike Samples  
   Tomoaki Honma
   John Zandig  
 Ryuji Yamakawa
   John Zandig  

2002 World Extreme CupEdit

The second World Extreme Cup took place over the course of thirteen days from April 4 - August 18, 2002.

Block A Doom Yamakawa Winger Samples Pts.
Tower of Doom X O O 4
Seiji Yamakawa O X O 4
The Winger X O O 4
Mike Samples X X X 0

Block A Decision Match: Seiji Yamakawa defeated Tower of Doom and The Winger (April 14 - 1:34)

Block B Homicide Hido Tony WX Pts.
Homicide O X O 4
BADBOY Hido O O ± 4
2 Tuff Tony X X O 2
Shadow WX X ± O 2
Block C Mamushi Kanemura O.D.D. Manson Pts.
Mamushi O O O 6
Kintaro Kanemura X O O 4
O.D.D. X X O 2
Mark Manson X X X X 0
Block D Kobayashi Pondo DNA Rotten Pts.
Abdullah Kobayashi O O O 6
Mad Man Pondo X O O 4
Biomaster DNA X X O 2
Axl Rotten O X X 0
  Quarter-finals Semifinals Final
   The Winger  
   The Winger  
   Seiji Yamakawa  
 Seiji Yamakawa
   BADBOY Hido  
     Seiji Yamakawa
   Kintaro Kanemura
   Shadow WX  
 Mad Man Pondo  
   Shadow WX
   Kintaro Kanemura  
 Abdullah Kobayashi
   Kintaro Kanemura  

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